Support Needed for CBT Grants

Youth Program and Jordan River Trails
Our ACC Section needs your vote in support of TWO Grants from Columbia Basin Trust (CBT).
The first grant we applied for is in support of our Youth Program. To help purchase youth equipment etc. The second grant is in support of legitimizing the informal Jordan River Trails.
There is long list of applicants in Revelstoke for CBT grants. Selection of recipients is influenced by number of residents supporting a given grant application SO, PLEASE invest 5 minutes and put your support behind your club’s applications.
To do so just follow this link https://forms.ourtrust.org/cip-revelstoke-online-engagement-form/ and
under “Please select a project on which you would like to provide feedback”. pick from the drop down list “Alpine Club of Canada – Columbia Mountains Section”.
Then under “Do you approve of this project?” click on “Yes”.
You may also provide your reasoning in the next text box.
After that click on +ADD and repeat the above this time selecting from drop down list “Alpine Club of Canada (Columbia Mountains Section) – Jordan River Trails System”.
We need your VOTE. You may also ask your friends to vote.
Thank You!

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