AGM 2020

In case you missed our recently held AGM we wanted to keep you informed on some of the changes that took place among our board members. 

First of all we are sad to report that Melanie Bernier has stepped down. Karla Kuharic remains as our President, Shannon Gibson remains as Secretary, Uri Naprstek remains as Tresurer and Ben Wilkey remains as board member.

 We are super stoked however to welcome two new board members. Jake Van Allen and Bryce Schroers! 

Jake’s interest in being involved with the board of the ACC is driven mainly by his motivation for getting others out into the mountains so they can experience the joy that doing so brings to him. Jake has always loved the mountains but it was not until he joined the ACC that he was able to gain the skills / experience / relationships to really get into them. Jake would like to try and give that opportunity back to others. Jake will be volunteering to lead trips and hopes that we can push some of those trips in a direction that sets the ACC Columbia Mountains Section up as somewhere people want to join because of the exciting things they do. He thinks that much of the outside view of the ACC is that it was more of a hiking club than a mountaineering club, and he would like to see a different perception here.

Bryce has been on the ACC Saskatchewan section board for the last 4 years and has been leading and organizing trips with ACC Sask. for many years. In his time there he helped to grow the climbing and mountaineering community in Saskatchewan, hosting climbing nights at the gym, organizing ski days at the local hill and organizing rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering trips to Alberta, BC, Ontario, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nepal. Beginner trips and community building is something he would like to help bring to the Columbia Mountains Section. Since moving to Revelstoke he has found its difficult for beginners to enter new sports. There aren’t many options for someone new to climbing/mountaineering to learn the skills without hiring a guide. From his experience it’s far more valuable to have a base of knowledge in the sport before hiring a guide to hone your skills.

Welcome Jake and Bryce. We are excited to see what these two will bring to the Section in the coming year. Stay tuned!

We are also pleased to announce that Katee Pederson will be taking on a monthly newsletter. In addition to her experience as an outdoor guide Katee’s background as a professional photographer and media will help our Section get monthly information our to our members. Thank you and welcome Katee!

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