About Us

ACC Columbia Mountains Section Founding Members

Karla Kuharic

Presently Karla Kuharic lives in Nakusp, BC a small town on the Upper Arrow Lakes for the past 12 years.  In the past she has lived on Vancouver Island, Banff, and Canmore where the vertical addiction started.  Karla’s favorite mountain activity is Mountaineering, walking on glaciers and reaching the top of a challenging climb. Her career may be on the Upper Arrow Lakes working as a Bridgewatch and Relief 1st Officer on the Columbia Ferry, an inland ferry route between Revelstoke (Shelter Bay) and Nakusp (Galena Bay). On her time off you will find her Mountaineering, Rock and Ice Climbing, Mt Biking, Backpacking, Snowmobiling and Powsurfing on her NoBoard.  Karla has been an ACC National Member since 2003 and has been an active member of the Calgary, Rocky Mt, and Okanagan Section for the last 3 years.  “The ACC Calgary has done wonders for me, teaching me technical skills, offering several development courses, and mentorship programs in particular Women’s Mentorship Group. I have made strong friendships with the ladies I have met along the way as well as other ACC members”. Karla is keen on continuing her outdoor education focusing on Alpine Climbing.

Dave Healey

Dave was born in the middle of BC (Burns Lake), raised in the Southern desert of BC (Keremeos), now resides in the mountains of BC (Revelstoke).  Dave is obviously in love with BC, but also likes to explore & appreciate the other mountain ranges of the world.

Dave has worked in the mountains since 1991, starting with the Rockies around Lake Louise, then slowly moving West following the setting sun.  He has been guiding for 13 years now throughout the ranges of BC and the North Island of New Zealand.  He also has spent a number of summers guiding Canada’s finest young folk on the glaciers of the Wapta Icefield, North of Lake Louise, and is well acquainted with the Alpine Club hut system there.  In the quiet season, he swings a hammer as a carpenter.  

‘Mountains are where I discover people.  I like the mountains (they are my first mistress), but the real joy is exploring, discovering & creating memorable adventures with others.  I didn’t come here to escape, but rather to immerse myself in the core values of admirable humanity.’

Shannon Gibson

Hello, I’m Shannon Gibson. I’ve just recently returned home to Revelstoke after being in the Yukon for almost 6 years. I grew up in Kamloops and moved to Revy by way of Lake Louise 15 odd years ago.

My best lived life is when I get out and connect with the natural world. I grew up skiing, camping, hiking and swimming. Not much has changed as an adult except I’ve added cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, mountain biking and kayaking to the mix.

After living in such a remote part of the country where at times it could be rare to bump into others I realized how much happiness it brought me to see people out sharing the trail. I’m excited to be part of an organization that helps put together like minded adventurers together. Life is better outdoors.

Travis Hunt

Travis has lived in Revelstoke since 2007.  He is a family physician who enjoys the small town lifestyle and availability of outdoor recreation that defines this mountain town. He enjoys backcountry skiing, climbing, mountain biking, and exploring in the surrounding mountains with his family. Travis has been involved with several other outdoor organizations locally and has a keen interest in trail development and access.

He is looking forward to being involved in creating a Columbia Mountain Alpine Club Section which will provide opportunities for showcasing and conserving this incredible landscape.

Steven Cross

I grew up back east doing whatever I could to get outdoors – paddling, camping, hiking, some climbing, and skiing. Always, the call of the lake and mountains would be whispering in my ear. I spent the 80’s helping to bring North Face, Patagonia, and Timberland to Canada. Then in 1993 Mountain Equipment Co-op hired me to fulfil the role of GM for the Toronto operation and this was the start of a wonderful and enduring friendship with Peter Tucker, who now heads up the ACMG. Five years ago my wife and son and I took Peter’s advice and pulled up stakes to move to Revelstoke so we could live, work, and play in the mountains all the time. Life has finally become complete. We have an outdoor shop here in town, plus an award-winning B&B with meeting facilities the ACC can use. We also teach management and leadership through Okanagan College and we serve as advisors to the Queens MBA programs across the Americas.

I want to do want I can to help ACC Columbia Mountains take shape in order to better foster the outdoor mountain experience and to better promote outdoors skills. I am also very interested in helping to get more trails built, including more loops for overnight trips, plus possibly more huts.

Ben Wilkey

Born and raised in Revelstoke Ben has been gifted inspiration among the Columbia Mountains for a very long time. Despite having lived in Revelstoke most of his life he can still find true excitement in planning and participating in adventures within these home mountains. Climbing, Skiing, Hiking and Biking have always been the focus.

A commercial helicopter pilot for over 20 years, with the majority of that time flying around Revelstoke, he has extensively seen and explored the Columbia Mountains by foot and by air.   

Creator of www.revelstoketrails.com he hopes to share his passion for his backyard and inspire others to explore, adventure, experience and protect these surrounding mountains.

Being a founding member of the Columbia Mountains Alpine Club of Canada Section he hopes to continue to share this passion and provide outdoor opportunities for Revelstoke youth.