There are many ways for section members to volunteer within the club.

As a club run by volunteers, we are always happy to help you get involved in lending a hand. Below are some ways you can do so:

Activity Leaders

While some of our club activities are led by ACMG guides, most are led by approved volunteers who have the skills and experience to safely instruct and manage a group. These activities can include day or overnight trips, skills clinics, meet-ups, social events, and more.

The approval process of becoming an activity leader includes completing an application and time as a mentored or co-leader in the given activity. We have three tiers of leadership categories: social, non-technical, and technical. Social events are low-risk activities where leaders do not need specific skilled training. Non-technical leaders must have first aid training, group-management experience, and be proficient in the activities they would like to lead, like nordic skiing or hiking. Technical activities like ski touring, mountaineering, or rock climbing, are higher risk and require leaders to have additional training and experience. If you need to take additional training to become a leaders for technical activities, you can apply for conditional reimbursement from the section beforehand.

Complete the application form here or contact leadership@acccolumbiamountains.com with any questions.

Activity Coordinating

If you’d like to plan activities but not lead them, then this is the place for you. Coordinators work out the logistics of the activity, book participants, confirm payments, and communicate with the leader or guide to make sure everything runs without a hitch. Activity coordinators can attend the activities they plan at a reduced cost. Email activities@acccolumbiamountains.com to learn more.

Trail Stewardship

The section has partnership agreements with Rec Sites and Trails BC to maintain the Mt. Begbie and Mt. MaCrae trails and campsites. Each summer we need volunteers to both manage these projects and perform maintenance work on the trails. Contact trails@acccolumbiamountains.com to get involved. 

Youth Programs

Our youth programs are led by ACMG Guides and Instructors and fully funded by various grants. This means they are free for participants but we are still able to hire local instructors. That being said, it is always helpful to have additional hands to help with our youth programs, coordinate events, or lead family trips. Reach out to bwilkey@acccolumbiamountains.com to help out.

Grant Writing and Project Management

If you have a specific project in mind which fits into our section’s mission that you would like to apply for funding and manage, we would love to partner with you. Alternatively, if you’re interested in getting on board on the behind the scenes logistics with something we already have in the works, we often have space for committed individuals. E-mail unaprstek@acccolumbiamountains.com to let us know what you have in mind.