Checklist for Planning Section Trips

  1. Plan trip: who, what, where, when, how, backups, and emergency contacts and resources.
  2. Confirm availability of trip resources: leaders, ACC gear, campsite reservations, guides, etc.
  3. Determine cost of trip using formulas provided by Activities Committee
  4. Make application: Google Forms is a great way to do this. Will likely require the following info, but make sure to get as much info as you need at this step so you’re not chasing participants later: email address, relevant experience level, if they need to borrow gear, ACC membership number
  5. Submit form to activity committee ideally at least 4 weeks before trip begins. Wait for approval and/or feedback from Activity committee, and re-submit with edits if needed
  6. Choose participants randomly from qualified applicants after 1-2 week enrollment period (listed on published event)
  7. Setup participant payments by entering participant’s info on the Treasurer’s sheet and emailing the Treasurer the etransfer password (will be made available to trip coordinators by the Activities Committes.
  8. Email participants with the following info: How to pay trip fee (etransfer treasurer@acccolumbiamountains.com with trip name and date in comment field), Participant booking policies, reminder of required equipment, details for transportation, pre-trip meeting time and date if necessary
  9. Confirm attendance two weeks ahead (if guided)
  10. Print paper waivers and prepare your own gear (and/or deliver them to the trip leader)
  11. Get waivers signed at the start of trip and have everyone sign them on the day of. Then enjoy the trip!
  12. Send an event recap and/or photos that can be shared with photographer and subject permission to the info@acccolumbiamountains.com email within a week of returning.

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