Membership and fee structure

Alpine Club of Canada National membership cost as an unaffiliated section member:

  • Adult (age 19 years and older) $33
  • Family (2 adults + children 18 & younger living at the same address) $50 
  • Youth (age 18 and under) $23

Being affiliated to the Columbia Mountains Section allows ACC members access to participate in our section lead trips and events.

Alpine Club of Canada Columbia Mountains Section membership cost as an  affiliated section member:

  • Adult $33 (basic) + $20 (section) = $53 Total
  • Family $50 (basic) + $45 (section) Total = $95 Total
  • Youth $23 (basic) + $7 (section) = $30 Total

To purchase your membership go to

Go to the ‘Membership’ tab and click on ‘Join the ACC’

Click on either Adult, Family or Youth.

Don’t forget to click on the Columbia Mountains Section affiliation when going through the steps.